Mexican Gray Wolf to be de-listed by U.S. Fish and Game: Not protectable

Went to the wolf meeting and I want to take this opportunity to recognize the bravery and courage of all those working at building bridges of understanding where there are none. We can not give in to pessimism. We must continue to believe in the power of bridges of understanding to bear the weight of the world. To the guy who ran the meeting, who hired a bunch of cops to line the walls, who threatened to throw us out if we didn’t shut up and listen, who got the cops to harass me for having AB, who then tried to make up with me by telling me, hey, i’m a veteran, too, your tactics worked. I left the meeting early and I’m not planning on going to any more meetings in the future. What I meant to say into the record, but did not have the chance to, is that I am sorry we live in such a violent and bloodthirsty and profitobsessed place that we can see no other species as having similar value as our own and that we can only seem to think in terms of money. It is not the death of the cow, it is not the frantic clawing of her hooves and her desperate scramble across a shallow stream and how another wolf was already in front of her where there had been no wolf before and by the time she cobbled up against the stones and was preparing to bring her legs in so she could kick back the second wolf was already on her haunches and a fourth, where did the fourth come from? was it from the side or at the udders? No, it is not any of this.
It is the economic impact of the death of the cow. That is what scares me. It is the lack of heart, the disdain, the contempt, the willful ignorance. That is why I can’t attend any more of your hearings. And why I have to sit here and just breathe
for a minute. -Alex Limkin