Letter to a Superior Officer and 5/87 Comrade

Major So-And-So

I was able to get away yesterday and spend a little time in the mountains 80 miles north outside Santa Fe. Still plenty snow up there. Peaceful. Quiet. Got me thinking about how nice it would be to get you into telemark and mountaineering. I know you’re tough as nails and could keep up what you’re doing another 10-15 years and start climbing and skiing the mountains in your 50s–but maybe no need to wait that long.

IMAG3088You deserve 40 good years ahead of you to hike mountains and enjoy your family and watch the clouds go by. Whether your family ever makes it out to NM or not, I want you to not shortchange yourself. There is only so much give in the legs and the joints. Keep some cartilage for yourself.

Respectfully submitted,

Alex Limkin

CPT, U.S. Army