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We at RCWN have exclusive rights to serve in the galactic forces in your stead.

For $300,000, you will no more serve a day as serve a month. We at RCWN have generous access to scores of healthy and able-bodied third world nationals whom we contract to serve in your place. For many of them, serving in the galactic forces is an improvement on their current situations. In some cases, this is a way for them to avoid a prison sentence, or even gain the freedom of a family member being held.

Do you want to be this guy? (Picture of captured P.O.W holding out his food bowl.) Or this guy? (Picture of injured soldier with a missing limb.) Or this guy? (Picture of a flag draped casket.)

Then call us today. Operators are standing by 24/7 to assist you in negotiating the paperwork and substituting your surrogate for duty today.