Transposing Images

I was a good soldier.
When asked to transpose the image
of a green pop-up target
over the image of a
live human being
at 300 meters
I was successful.
When asked to transpose the
at 200 meters
I was successful.
When asked to transpose
at 100 meters:
again, successful.

They could discover no distance
(prone, running, crouching
running to prone,
crouching to prone,
kneeing to crouch)
at which I failed
to perform due to years of
intensive “Ivan”* training.

*“Ivans” were 3-dimensional green and red plastic silhouettes used for bayonet, rifle fire, machine gun fire and grenade training purposes. They were intended to mimic a Soviet enemy soldier wearing a large fur hat.

2 thoughts on “Transposing Images

  1. Hi,

    I just found you via Moises and Deryle’s VN project — thank you for your site.

    Interestingly, me and my co-writer, Jim, were just discussing these targets yesterday. He had spoken of other human targets he’d seen used in the Army, and we just posted a target on our site today which we’d seen at a gun shop two days ago (RangerAgainstWar@blogspot).

    We invite you to visit and comment.

    I’m sorry about the needless loss of your friend; I remember that being briefly covered in the news, but I don’t recall the entire story even being revealed,


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