5 paragraph Operations Order for Operation Skywalk

Situation: normal – afu
Mission: traverse the crest
Execution: drive to tunnel springs in placitas. range south to south crest in tijeras.
Distance: 25+ miles
Terrain: varied
Concerns: the usual*

*the preceding is not a standard 5 paragraph operations order
but for Westhusing

Note: Operation Skywalk is not a pleasure stroll. It is a death march. If you don’t feel like a piece of you has died somewhere among those rugged peaks – among the screaming ravens and frost bent trees – among the shards of stone and shadow – all morphing to silence beneath a flailing sun – keep on.

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  1. Hello Alex,

    Thank you for your blog. I am very sorry for the loss of your friend, Col. Westhusing. You are honoring his memory well.

    I could not find your private mail, but would like to invite you to visit our site, RangerAgainstWar @ Blogger. Your insights would be most welcome,



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