Operation Skywalk June 2, 2012

7 miles in from Tunnel Springs heading up to Sandia Crest - Abigail in the lead

Bernalillo – Photo by Matt Huggins, USMC

Matt at Westhusing's Bluff overlooking South Peak

Ceremony at Westhusing's Bluff - Photo by Matt Huggins

Photo by Mike Griffin, U.S. Army, 1980-1984, fellow veteran encountered randomly on South Peak

South Peak – Photo by Mike Griffin

Descending from South Peak looking back on Sandia Crest

Heading into lower elevation and homestretch

Mile 27 – Eyes full of beauty / feet full of pain

2 thoughts on “Operation Skywalk June 2, 2012

  1. What beautiful sites — Abigail is lovely. I love that she is a “horse”, too.

    Thank you for mentioning that you are also with us, a RangerAgainstWar. I will put you in our blogroll today, and hopefully that will bring you more deserved readers. I’d like to write about the 3rd Herd program for RAW (we’ve featured similar ones in the past.) If you get a chance, please write me with any thoughts on the matter:


    Thank you,


  2. What beautiful photos. These cacti, in such a rocky place, able to give those flowers!

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