Operation BAC June 13, 2012

All aboard on the way to South Capitol, Santa Fe.

At first water station near Second Street Brewery with Ernesto Ayala and Shauna Pearson

Entering the Arroyo de los Chamisos

Swallows. Their mud houses cling neatly to the underside of the bridge.

4 miles in – time for a culvert/meditation break

Heavy erosion in the arroyo. City planners will likely solve the problem with a liberal application of concrete.

Beautiful cottonwood promises opulent shade–


and delivers

Second to last culvert–all the drunks are responsive, enjoying the cool breeze, and want for nothing

Where the highway turns to dirt and sand and ragged weeds sprout out the pavement. Just ahead on the right–$2 brews at the Santa Fe Brewery. Amen