Don’t tow this. Don’t pave this.

Don’t tow this.

major berry,

the main thing i am writing on is the threatened tickets and towing of my lawfully parked vehicle. i served my country for 15 years and all i ask is to not be hazzled. but i also wanted to put my two cents in about your plan to put in concession stands down by the rio grande.

on behalf of the entire veteran community, please reconsider this plan. i know you think it will bring in a bunch of money, but is that all you suits can think about? go down there sometime, park anywhere along the bosque and check it out. it is quiet and still and there isn’t much trash to speak of.

think about how all that will change when you put in pavement and concessions stands. any idea where all the trash is going to go? it is going to be thrown all over the bosque.

ever wonder why the bosque is so beautiful and quiet and serene and healing and why so many veterans go there to be alone. because of everything i just stated. once you throw in some paved trails and concession stands and put in more parking lots you are just going to make a mess of it.

please don’t try and make this into some riverwalk. you ever been to san antonio? if you think what they did down there is nice, then we’re not on the same team and god save us all.

but if you have even the slightest respect for the healing properties of a stretch of woods down by the river, with modest trails, simple, unblemished beauty, a little bit of grace in the midst of a built up city, then please desist. let our bosque be. no more development.

if you like i will take you on personal tour of the bosque from the perspective of a veterans. maybe you will change your mind about all that. i was just there with major hansen the other day. we served togetehr in both panama and in the old guard. he said being in that quiet peaceful bosque was like getting a massage.

unless you are also planning on illuminating the sandias with big searchlights so people in the city can enjoy the mountains at night. then there is no point in talking.

alex limkin

Don’t pave this.

Don’t tow my truck. Photo by Victor Daniel Hernandez


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