Raid on Big Bird’s Compound – Never Send a Man to do a Drone’s Job

last transmission from their kill team before the signal goes dead: “big bird is fighting back…super sharp beak…”

romney’s look of bored contempt?–“never send a man to do a missile’s job…i say it every time.”

these people (cartoon general included) experience war like a tv show on their laptops. “ugh, my battery is dying” is the extent of their discomfiture. they are little more than drone operators sucking on tootsie rolls at holloman afb and complaining about their handsets: “ugh, why does this handset keep sticking…”

craven hollow suits should not be able to send killers to do a job they don’t have the stones to do themselves

they are the true drones of war, and expect to be saluted for it: “not just zombie, imperial zombie!”

if you’re not willing to choke out bird bird yourself, and risk getting beaked, go back to selling cars you

zombie drone

paper tissue patriot




2 thoughts on “Raid on Big Bird’s Compound – Never Send a Man to do a Drone’s Job

  1. just saw image of hillary texting that they have big bird and are moving him to a “safe house”. yeah right. sounds like guantonamo bay.

  2. Yes, cowards. I could not bear Hillary’s Big Talk, “We came, we saw, he died” (re. the murder of Qaddafy.

    That sort of paper tissue bravado is sickening.

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