Girl Rangers!

It has been reported that Ranger School will soon be admitting the first women of their kind. As a graduate of Ranger School (9-98), and a product of a testosterone-driven military ethos disdainful of weakness, this is something I should be scowling at.

But I’m not.

I believe we need more women on the battlefield.

Because of their tits and ass, they remind us of women.

They remind us of our girlfriends.

They remind us of our wives.

They remind us of our sisters.

They remind us of our daughters.

They remind us of our mothers.

They remind us of our humanity.

And the women that become Rangers will inherit the scowling confidence of Ranger men.

And the Ranger women that become Ranger generals will protect and defend their troops like warrior mothers.

We need more women Ranger leaders who will have the scowling confidence to speak up and be heard.

Who will denigrate cruelty.

Who will denigrate slaughter.

Who will denigrate genocide.

Who will denigrate torture.

Who will denigrate greed.

Who will denigrate corruption.

Who will denigrate wars for profit.

Who will denigrate the wasting of life.

Who will tend to their scars like infants.

Who will show us their missing tits without flinching.

Who will remind us of what it means to be human.


May the mountain gods protect you in the dark hills that are coming, Rangers.

We need your strength now more than ever.

One thought on “Girl Rangers!

  1. I disagree with you here, Alex. While it is a happy thought that a female Ranger will bring a protective mother ethos, it is far from a given. In fact, the first women who enter erstwhile male domains (CEOs, Rangers, etc.) are just as likely be more cutthroat, to prove they are as bad as the boys.

    You say they “will denigrate slaughter … greed … corruption”, but those poor behaviors are not the sole domain of men; I would not burden my brothers nor apotheosize my sisters thusly.”

    No, sadly, destruction and unkindness is in the human genome.

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