How many of us must die in front of your very eyes before you start paying attention to us, before you realize that something is drastically wrong, before you realize that all your Jesuses are dying, are killing themselves off? How long before you realize that your Jesuses are all dying in front of you, trying to get your attention, trying to save you, but you are not seeing them. You are not counting our deaths. You are not noticing our dyings. All these veterans who are shooting themselves, all these veterans who are shooting themselves full of drugs, all these veterans who are retreating into the mountains, all these veterans, all these veterans, all these veterans are trying to tell you something but you are not listening. The whole country is not listening. The whole country is asleep, the whole country is asleep, the whole country is glassy eyed and unseeing even as their family members are dying off one by one around them. How many more Jesuses must die frantically trying to get you to care? What is it you are doing you cannot hear their feverish voices calling out to you, pleading with you, trying to convince you at all costs that what we are doing is wrong, that murder by drones is wrong, that drones are wrong, that remote-control gunships are wrong, that remote killing is wrong, that ALL THE KILLING BEING DONE NOW IS BEING DONE REMOTELY, THAT YOU ARE SENDING US OUT WRAPPED IN PROTECTIVE BODY ARMOR AND FURTHER DISTANCING US FROM THE REALITY OF KILLING, THAT YOU ARE KEEPING US FROM BEING KILLED, YOU ARE KEEPING US ALIVE ALIVE ALIVE ON TUBES AND MORPHINE AND RESTORATIVE SURGICAL PROCEDURES WHEN WE SHOULD BE DEAD DEAD DEAD. WHEN WE SHOULD BE MOURNED AND OUR CLOSEST COMRADES ENTERING A CHASM OF GRIEF. HOW IS IT THAT NOTHING MAKES A PACIFIST STRONGER THAN THE VIOLENT DEATH OF A BROTHER AND ALL THE HOARY MEN THAT RUN THESE WARS HAVE NEVER LOST A LIFE AND HAVE NEVER LOST? WHY ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER LOST IN CHARGE OF OUR WARS, IN CHARGE OF DRONES, IN CHARGE OF WRAPPING US IN KEVLAR AND SENDING US TO KILL REMOTELY AT GREATER DISTANCES THAN EVER? IF WE MUST KILL, LET US HEW AND HACK AT CLOSE QUARTERS AND GIVE US GREAT LEADERS WHOSE HANDS HAVE KNOWN THE COLOR OF BLOOD AND ENTERED THE CHASM OF GRIEF, LEADERS THAT HAVE EXPERIENCED THE THREATENED EXTINGUISHMENT OF THEIR OWN SOUL.

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