In Defense of Wild Places

I speak out in defense of our wild places, in defense of the bosque, in defense of the quiet places we veterans go to find solace and peace, defending those places that can not defend themselves, places whose voices and spirit and healing ways not all can hear and sense and value.

These places are important to us, important to our days and our nights.

We fought for our green open space and deserve them to remain undiminished. Both for us and for future generations.

Conservation and Preservation and Love of Wilderness is Patriotic. This love of Plant, of Rock, of Tree, of Porcupine, of River, of Raccoon, of Possum, of Clean Air and Water, the fierce and undiminished belief in the Sacredness of Life: This is real and true Love of Country.

This is my Freedom.



One thought on “In Defense of Wild Places

  1. I like your definition of freedom, Alex. We must fight for what’s right, and thodr good things are right causes.

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